Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Nude Lips Wihtout Looking Sick

Hi guys how are you? I'm fine. Really fine. After being MIA for another year I've decided to come back to blogging (again). I just love makeup and photography way too much to take everything off at night without sharing it with you guys.... A few days ago I finally invested in a really good camera and I can't wait to find out all the kinds of magic I can work with this baby. For now, as you might be able to see, the magic still equals zero. Well... Practise makes perfect, right? Much more to come :)

So today I wanted to talk about the lip color nude. I definitely have a love/hate affair with nude lips. It just seems that when it comes to taupe and bright colors all I have to do is just put it on and go. Some colors go better with my skin tone than others but all of them look 'ok'. I don't necessairly look good nor do I look super bad. However, with nudes it's a totally different story. It's hard to find a nude lipstick that doesn't make me a guidette, fade out, look ill, gives me butthole lips or all of the above. But after years of frustration and experience I've finally found a lip combo that genuinely makes me HAPPY.
A total amount of four products is used to create this lip color. That is quite a lot, but I still haven't found one lipstick that does the job. So desperate times call for desperate measures. Fortunately, they are not áll super expensive: 

1. Rimmel Apocalips in 603 shooting star
2.MAC Satin Lipstick in Mocha
3. Givenchy Lipgloss in 02
4. Kiko Velvet Mat - Satin Lipstick in 601 Nude Rose

I first apply Mocha to my lips, Mocha seems on the picture a little more red than in real life, but it's a beautiful warm, dark nude color. Then I softly press a little bit of the Kiko lipstick onto my lips, focussing on the middle. This gives my lips a subtle nude hue. I honestly like it a little more nude, so I go over it with the Rimmel lip gloss. The lipgloss is really nice and stays on very long. As you can see the applicator also works a little bit as a lip liner, since it creates a nice sharp lip (which I love, because it creates the opporunity to create some big over-lined lips). It doesn't dry up matte, but it does lose its shine over the day. When it comes to nude colors I'm not really into matte or satin finishes. I feel like a matte nude makes my whole makeup-look look a little flat.  Therefore I go over it with the Givenchy lipgloss, which is a beautiful nude pink with lots of shimmer. The shimmer also enhances the lips a little, bringing them forward and making them appear fuller (me likey ).

The finished look!

So this is what I'd normally do to get my lips to a decent nude color. It's quite a lot, but you might want to try combining your favourite nude lipsticks with a nice shimmery gloss :) 
What is your favourite nude lip product?

Lots Of Love,


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  1. The nude look surely looks good on you, but I doubt I don't know why it never looks good on me though.

    xoxo- Chaicy
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